LED Table Lamp 15W QI Wireless Charger With Alarm Clock Multi-function Clock Charge Dock Stand For iPhone Apple Watch Airpods

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1.Input voltage: 9V2A

2.Wireless output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W

3.Airpods output: 3W

4.LDE output: 5W

5. USB output: 5V1A

6. Material ABS+PC

7. Product color: black, white

8. Light color: white (6500K), warm (3200K), warm white (4000K)

9. Luminous flux (lm): 1000ML

10. Color rendering index (CRI):90Ra

11. Transmission distance: 2-6mm

12. Charging efficiency: 75%

13. Operating frequency: 100-205KHZ

14. Net weight: 300g

15.Gross weight:395g

16. Product size: 106*60*277mm

17. Package size: 108*65*270mm




1)Creative product design, 3 in 1 wireless charging + desk lamp multi-function,

2)Double coil charging (phone can be charged horizontally/vertically),

3)LED lamp three-color switch, with alarm clock, time display,

4)The maximum 15W wireless charging power can quickly charge your mobile phone. Wirelessly charge devices that support the QI standard, such as for Apple, Samsung, and Huawei


Package Included:


Multifunctional wireless charger*1

Charging cable*1

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