At Carbon Cases we’re all about providing great phone, tablet, and laptop cases, plus all the accessories you need at a fair dinkum prices.

We won’t compromise

At Carbon Cases we’re driven and committed to always delivering great-value deals plus quality Aussie-based customer service 365 days a year. Have a look at all our deals to see all the advantages you can get as a customer. We’re straightforward and honest, and when you talk to us you won’t find us reading from a script. Whether you’re tech savvy or a technophobe, we’ll talk to you as an individual, because we’re individuals too.

We listen to our customers

Through our website, social media, or over the phone, we’re always listening to our customers. There’s always room to improve and innovate and, thanks to your feedback, we can make Carbon Cases even better.

We're part of a bigger family

Carbon Cases is part of the Carbon Comms family of businesses. Our internet and telecommunications business, Carbon Comms, provides home and business customers with reliable and 100% Aussie owned connectivity - from NBN, ADSL, and mobile phone services, to home and business fixed voice services covering locations all across Australia.

Although our headquarters is in Sydney, our focus is Australia - and we are very proud of being an Australian owned and operated business.

So if you have a question, then get in touch, we're happy to help:


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